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Window Cleaning 


What is Included:

Standard window cleaning includes the inside and outside glass, the window sills and the screens. We will remove all dirt, grime, sand, salt, loose debris, cobwebs, and bug residue from the windows. After the window is cleaned, we wipe the excess water and loose dirt off of the sills. Screens are dusted and washed. Our standard window cleaning does not include track cleaning or the removal of heavy debris such as paint and hard water. However, these services can be added to any bid. 


What to expect when we arrive at your home or business:

We will knock on your door and check in with you before we get started. We will then assess the job and figure out what equipment will be required to reach and clean all of your windows. Our experienced cleaners will start with the inside glass first, unless otherwise requested. While inside, we wear shoe covers to keep your floors and furniture clean. We use a minimal amount of water (usually less than two gallons) to conserve our natural resources. We also carry plenty of clean towels to wipe off your window sills after the glass has been cleaned. If there are any screens on the inside of the house, they will be removed and taken outside to be cleaned. Once the inside glass is clean, we will move to the outside to clean the outside glass and screens. When the job is done, we will do a walk through of the home or business with you to ensure that you are satisfied. We will then collect payment in the form of cash, check or credit card and provide you with a receipt, leaving your home or business with a pristine view!